Tärkkilä invites friends for summer camp form new moon to full moon every year in July!

Healing Circles is a do-it-yourself happening where we camp in the forest, cook and eat together, sit in talking circles, teach and learn new skills, do yoga, meditate, sing, play, dance, celebrate… Based on “magic hat” – gift economy and sharing – and sociocratic decision making. Drug free.

Seed Camp from beginning of May until end of September: clearing camping sites, building summer kitchen, greenhouses, lean-to and bridges, cutting firewood, growing food with permaculture methods, learning new skills. Tärkkilä will fill magic hat with some materials, tools and food while seed camp is working on permanent structures.

Maximum amount of campers during Healing Circles 100 and during Seed Camp 20. Registration required. All attendants are expected to join planning in advance. After registration you will get an invitation to Trello.

Register by sending e-mail: selma(at)tarkkila.fi