The themes of our work parties can be found on our calender. We start with a breakfast at 8 AM. It is good to be present at 8:30 at the latest so that we can plan the day´s work. To make sure we have enough of them, you can also bring your own tools with you. We start working around 9 and will have a lunch break between 12-13, a tea break at 14:30, and moment of group reflections at 4 PM. An alternative time table may be decided by the group during the morning circle. On Saturdays we clean and go to sauna, on Sundays we take some rest.

Our cultivation work parties are concerned with planting, sowing, mulching, uprooting, etc. The goal is to become as self sufficient as possible in regards to nutrition. We use permaculture principles and are creating a food yielding forest garden.

During our construction work parties we set up an outdoor kitchen, lean-ons, greenhouses, compost toilets or cellars. We clean up and organise our work space together, and leave our camping sites behind tidily. And of course, we also cook dinner! On the calendar you will find the day´s scedule. We might, however, decide to modify it during the morning circle, for example in accordance with weather conditions.