The Tärkkilä homestead in Jämsänkoski´s village of Haavisto was founded in 1803 as the residence of the county constable on the lands of Auvila´s estate.

The old bridge over Sovijärvi lake went into the direction of Tärkkilä. The location where the bridge and the road used to be is still a distinguishing feature of the landscape. The bridge was of light build and would not have withstood the weight of the stationary engines bought by the Tärkkilä and Sovijärvi estates in the 1930´s. This is why the engines were moved from the house once a year during winter time, over the ice on the lake.

In spring, when the water was flowing, a mill was running in Tärkkilä. The wood shingles on the house were planed by the builders themselves, and there might have been enough of them to also suit the needs of the other villagers.

Source: Anne Mari Rautiainen, Haaviston Historia, 2005.

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Village life in Haavisto has been based on self-sufficiency for hundreds of years. The objective of Tärkkilä Permaculture Centre and the Rune Village is to continue this honourable tradition. We gladly accept functional or mendable tools and machines. It is our dream that one day, Tärkkilä´s mill will be running once again. Shindles will be planed, and from the forgery, the sound of the clanging anvil will be heard.