Tärkkilä Rune Village consists of an estate covering approximately 20 hectares, which is divided by the Palviantie road.

The Center for Sustainable Culture is located between the road and the lake side. It contains a protected courtyard, a permaculture forest garden area, a building site near the lake to build a village sauna, as well as a lake side forest left undisturbed as a flying squirrel nesting area. Part of the lake side forest is left untouched for the nature spirits.

At the old bridge site, outside of the undisturbed area, the objective is to build a lean-to with a kontiki fire place which will be free to use for anyone.

At the west side of the road, the Rune Village will take shape. In the forme of an eco-village, it will aim at cultural, social, economic and ecological sustainability. The Rune Village is a sociocraticly governed community of teachers of sustainability skills: blacksmiths, ceramists, log builders, weavers… Everyone who participates in our workshops or work parties will have a share in our daily decision making processes.

Our goal is to donate Tärkkilä to a nation wide foundation which strives to enable people to devote themselves to a land without owning it.