Right to resilience

We are all indigenous here on this planet. We all deserve the right to live in an indigenous way, in symbiosis with our immediate surroundings – outside the money order. Without exploiting anything or anybody. Without being exploited. We were not born to pay for our lives. We were born to enjoy what life is willing to share with us, in a respectful and resilient way.

Unfortunately only few of us in modern times had the fortune to learn resilient way of life from our parents. Most of us did not have any chance to grow our roots in soil. Without roots, not connected to the land, it has been easy to toss us around and connect us with non-resilient , commercial ways. We have become dependent on systems we did not choose to.

Like in many other countries, in Finland there is a growing interest in learning selfsufficient way of life. Young people in the cities learn permaculture and look for places to try and live connected to soil in a safe way without the need to buy and own the land. At the same time farming is becoming more and more industrial. Small farmhouses are abandoned, lands neglected. By putting these two problems together there is a possible solution. For this we have a plan to start a nationwide foundation that would be able to own and manage properties taken care in socially, culturally, ecologically and economically sustainable way. The foundation would train people in all the skills needed. It would give people a possibility to live off grid, outside the money order. Our main driver is to give people a chance to devote themselves to taking care of the land without owning it.

You are very welcome to join our journey to change the world for a brighter future!



Foundation for Sustainable Culture in Finland

Our goal to donate part of Rune Village Tärkkilä to a national foundation that is currently being developed and which aspires enabling people to devote themselves to a piece of land without owning it.



The purpose of the sustainable culture foundation is to keep the Finnish country side inhabited by creating, protecting and developing the prerequisits for living sustainably, communal and in accordance with nature. The foundation protects people as a part of nature and does not aspire to make profit.



– Owning and governing real estate suitable for ecological and communal living and for agriculture in accordance with nature.

– Obtaining real estate through purchase, donation or inheritance.

– Acquiring both public and individual financing.

– Devising the principles for building the eco-village, taking care of its household and environment, as well as for decision making.

– Ensuring the observation of these principles on our grounds.

– Searching for and approving of people to inhabit and care for our property in accordance with the principles set up by the foundation.

– Approving building plans and acquiring building permits.

– Advicing and serving residents, builders, land owners and municipalities interested in ecological ways of living.

– Providing education on sustainable culture civics.

– Working on realising company law both in Finland and in the rest of the world.



Realising the foundation´s purpose is the management´s primary task. The management will conform to good ways of governing. The sociocratic method will be used in decision making, and the minutes will be public.

In accordance to the foundation´s rules, the only obligatory governmental body is an administration wich, amongst others, devises and approves monetary decisions, reports of activities, plans of action, and the staff¨s payment. Furthermore, a board of administration can be appointed, in which both the representative and the other staff will receive payment.

Our provisional plan is to invite to our management representatives from such groups as the Finnish Sustainable Living Organization (SKEY), which could also be the foundation´s supporting association, The Finnish Association for Nature Conservation, and the association of Finnish local and regional Authorities. Furthermore, each of the foundation´s villages, regardless of their size, will appoint two represenatives to join the board of administration. The management could be obligated to listen to the board of administration, for example each time when rental and monthly dues are affirmed. The board of administration also chooses the accountants.



The right to reside is the obligation to take care

It is important that the donator of the estate can trust that the land will be taken care of in compliance with the foundation´s criteria. To this purpose, knowledge and mastery of sustainable culture is required of the residents: aspiring inhabitants will have to prove their understanding and acceptance of the foundation´s rules set up for building, living, land use and decision making, as well as their mastery of the skills required in practise. The right to reside thus also implies the obligation to take care of the property.


From the inhabitants´ side

Those who have proven their mastery of sustainable living have the possibility to request a area to take care of on the foundation´s estate. Living will be save and – if wished for – permanent. The foundation´s rules will enable save and permanent living in different ways – even completely outside of monetary economy.

– Decision making will be open and communal

– The foundation will keep continuity in mind in such a way that inheritors will have the first hand right to choose someone to continue to take care of his land.

The highest authority in the villages is the village board. The foundation does not guard nor guide village life and decisions in any other way than ensuring the realisation of the foundation´s mission.


Building, land use, forestry

The foundation provides the framework for building, land use and forestry based on sustainability and naturalness. The forests will be cared for in accordance to the principles of eco-forestry. Likewise, permaculture methods maintaining and enhancing biodiversity and soil well-being will be used in agriculture.